Percentage finished:75%
Development start:May 2016
Current status:cancelled
One day, I had the thought: "What has nobody done before?" Having done my little casual batchgame #Escape before, one thing came to my mind: A fleshed out, storydriven, and multiplayer-compatible RPG-Type game with a huge open world, using Batch. The thought seemed stupid, but I didn't care. I came a long way, having made a big world generator, which was able to generate interesting-looking worlds, 400 by 400 meters/characters in size, a fight system with enemy AI, a rogue-like conversation system, a mod system which made everything customizable, enabling developers to completely disabling the basegame, remaining with the "engine" and telling their own story, and I had an almost fully working multiplayer using a XAMPP-PHP-Client for simple data exchange with the servers I provided. At that point, I realised, there's a problem. The game might have been an interesting project from the perspective of the system, but it wasn't fun. That was mainly because it was a bit slow at that time, considering batch can always only do one thing at a time, and a lot of stuff had to happen with each step the player took. So, I took the initiative and cancelled the project to make stuff with more perspective. Link: (The automated installer is downloading up to 300 Megabytes, and automatically updating if an update should ever be available, which will most likely not happen, as it's cancelled.)